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Is A Condo Right For You?

If you’re thinking about buying a condo, you may be wondering if it’s really better than buying a house. That can be subjective, but here’s a list of pros and cons you may want to consider.

The time has come…do I keep renting, or do I buy? I’ve been renting various apartments for most of my life because it’s been easy and convenient. However, since I’ve decided to stay in my city long-term, there’s no reason not to start looking at homes on the market. From a financial perspective, i…

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U.S. Senate approves bill to make daylight saving time permanent

Daylight saving time ends today, which means it’s time to “fall back” again. But wasn’t there a law passed that was supposed to make daylight saving time permanent? Well … it’s complicated. Here’s an explanation.

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed legislation that would make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023, ending the twice-annual changing of clocks in a move promoted by supporters advocating brighter afternoons and more economic activity.

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Snowmobile Saturday

Today’s Snowmobile Saturday – the final day of the Foremost Virtual Tailgate, but the fun doesn’t stop here! With snowmobile season approaching, now is a great time to note that with Foremost snowmobile policies, Helmet and Safety Apparel coverage is included for covered collision losses.

For more information on snowmobile and other ORV coverage from Foremost, visit #SnowmobileSaturday #ForemostVirtualTailgate

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What Are the Different Types of Trailer Hitches

If you ever need to use a travel trailer, you should know that you can’t simply use just any hitch. There are different types of trailer hitches, and they accommodate different trailer sizes. If you don’t know the differences between them, check out our guide.


Learn about the types of trailer hitches, from Class 1 to Class 4, and understand the differences between hitch classes. Discover the right hitch for your needs, whether it’s for a travel trailer or heavy-duty towing.

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