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Week-Long Spotlight Business

The Spotlight Business will be included on our spotlight rotator, and will be prominently displayed on our home page for one week.

There is a maximum of only 10 businesses allocated for this spot each week.

Open Rotation Ad

Open rotation means your ad will be included in our banner rotation, and will be shown intermittently throughout a minimum of 450 pages on our site, and home page.

Static Banner Ad

Static means your ad will remain on one selected page, 24 hours per day for one week. The home page is not included in this offer.

Your own website is not needed to advertise on Volusia Classifieds. Your business name, address, and telephone number are included in each ad on our site.

If you have questions about upcoming services, or would like to report an issue on our site, please do so through our Contact Form.

Banner Sizes

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