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Sharing the road with a school bus

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Comment if you started school this week! And remember these important school bus safety tips as we begin the new school year. Read on for a quick refresher on common school bus procedures and how you should react to the different kids of lights on school buses. First, it is important to notice when a school bus’ stop arm is out and the red lights are flashing. Then, when you hear the stop arm, you must listen for the bell or visual signal to stop.

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Teaching students school bus safety is crucial for having a safe year. These tips will help you start your new job as a school bus driver, and follow the law. Carrying a cell phone is one of the most important safety tips for school bus drivers. It is a good rule of thumb for all drivers to stay focused on the road, but especially important if you are driving a school bus. Do not talk or text on your cell phone while you are driving. The number one reason that school bus drivers are involved in accidents is because they fail to comply with  school bus laws . Those laws include stopping at all red lights and stop. They should make sure to know great bus safety tips.

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