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Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist for Spring

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Are you ready to ride? As the weather starts warming up for riders who live in the north, there’s good news! It’s time to take your motorcycle out of storage and get it ready for the open road.

motorcycle-scaled Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist for Spring

It’s time to bring your bike back out of the garage and prep it for the road. Start the process by checking your tires and making sure they’re properly inflated. Next, check your battery and make sure that’s charged. You’ll also want to give your motorcycle a good waxing to protect it from weather damage. It’s a little bit of an art to pack up your bike. It needs to be covered and disconnected so it doesn’t get damaged. Once you’re ready for a road trip, it’s important to do your research about the regulations for riding and traveling through the state you’re traveling in. You might need to get a special permit or insurance is required.

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