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Are you tired of wasting your time, fighting with your computer?

If anything can make us feel inadequate, it’s a computer. It burbs, gags and sometimes goes belly up and plays dead. You can try to fix it yourself, or you can ask your neighbor or “friend of a friend” who dabbles with technology and risk a friendship.

When you’re finally ready to call a professional, you need a company that is knowledgeable and trustworthy, who will keep your budget in mind.

That’s when you call LanShark Computer Solutions.

At LanShark, we pride ourselves on quality service at a fair price.

  • We diagnose the problem as quickly as possible
  • We explain it in simple terms that make sense to you.
  • We teach you to solve the small problems
  • We empower you to make better decisions regarding your system

Whether we’re troubleshooting your home PC, installing a network, or configuring your server and workstations, we approach each problem with the attention it deserves. We’re good at what we do and if we charge fairly, we believe you will become a loyal LanShark customer.

We want to know that we have done everything in our power to improve your situation in a fair and professional manner.


Bottom Line – We Want to See You Smile

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